Welcome to TeleDesk

Re-imagine remote collaboration

Welcome to TeleDesk

Re-imagine remote collaboration

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A remote-controlled, high-resolution camera gives remote collaborators a birds-eye view of the workspace.


A remote-controlled laser pointer gives the remote user physical presence in the room with your prototypes.

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Redefine the way you collaborate with your team by using TeleDesk to give remote workers a real presence in the room with you.

Our Mission: To empower remote collaborators

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, members of all industries had to start working from home - for some, the lack of a commute and flexible hours felt like a great improvement; for others, the zoom fatigue and isolation made it difficult to focus. Regardless of the experience, it’s clear that remote work is here to stay, and with its growing presence, there are still many questions about how best to collaborate with colleagues online, especially for teams working on physical hardware

When members of an R&D team are all in the same place, they can examine prototypes together, discuss flaws and defects, and make rapid adjustments. But when they are forced to work remotely and collaborate online, they often need to ship parts around, waiting days or weeks for feedback from their partners due to a lack of good online collaboration tools. While video conferencing applications attempt to solve this problem, they still lack an element of allowing the remote caller to interact with the physical hardware devices being worked on. 

TeleDesk proposes to solve this problem, by giving teams of remote workers a way of getting more directly involved in examining a physical specimen. The system consists of an overhead gantry, controlled by the remote user, along which a camera travels. Along with the ability to zoom in on a high-quality image, this gives people not in the room a unique ability to understand what they are looking at. Using a remote-controlled laser pointer, TeleDesk also allows online collaborators to easily point out minute details, and communicate more clearly.

TeleDesk represents a unique entry into an emerging market of advanced online collaboration tools, which has become increasingly evident since the COVID-19 pandemic. This tool has applications not only in R&D, but also STEM education, and manufacturing. In the past year, STEM educators have faced significant difficulty in teaching hands-on classes, like building electrical circuits. In manufacturing, a significant amount of time and cost is often lost when debugging issues, due to needing to ship failed parts around, or fly people across the world. TeleDesk would reduce costs and improve education, by giving remote work a facelift.

Meet the team





Tina just completed a BS in Biomedical Engineering and an MS in Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She currently works as a Robotics Automation Engineer at HighRes Biosolutions. She is very involved in the Armenian Community in Boston, MA. In her free time she enjoys baking, hiking and swimming.




Michael is a recent graduate from Worcester Polytechnic Institute with a double BS in Robotics and Mechanical Engineering, and a MS in Robotics Engineering. He got excited about TeleDesk's mission while working with a remote team for his capstone project. In his spare time, he enjoys being outside, engaging in activities like hiking, windsurfing and sailing




Eric is a test engineer and has been working in medical device startups for over 10 years. In this time he has experienced many projects that would have benefited from a device like TeleDesk. He has both an MS and BS in robotics engineering from WPI. When not working he enjoys spending time in the mountains either skiing or hiking with his dog.

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